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Characteristics of spring energized seal

1, reciprocating and rotating (swing), static seal can be used;

2, can be applied to almost all fluids and chemical media;

3, high and low pressure and vacuum seal, sealing performance is good;

4, low friction, small starting resistance, smooth movement, no crawling;

5, high life, can be used for oil-free lubrication seal;

6, a variety of materials to choose from, can adapt to the rapid change of temperature and various complex conditions;

7, no pollution to the medium when in contact with food and medicine circulation;

8, can be disinfected, almost no storage period limit.

spring energized seal has its drawbacks! Installation grooves are generally open or semi-open, especially small diameter cylinders. This may increase the cost of cylinder design, manufacture and installation. In addition, the sealing manufacturing process is turning molding, the production efficiency is low, and the manufacturing cost is higher than that of ordinary seals, so the procurement cost is relatively high.

Although the cost of spring energized seal is relatively high at present, under certain circumstances, its advantages are not only significant but also irreplaceable. With the improvement of equipment performance and reliability requirements, equipment maintenance manpower costs are becoming increasingly expensive. spring energized seal gradually highlights the advantages of high cost performance, and the application is more and more widely.


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