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Rubber products manufacturers Brief description of fluorine rubber O-ring and nitrile rubber how to distinguish

Nitrile rubber is made of butadiene and acrylonitrile by emulsion polymerization. Nitrile rubber is mainly produced by low temperature emulsion polymerization. It has good oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance and strong adhesion. Its disadvantages are poor low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance, and slightly lower elasticity. Nitrile rubber is mainly used in the manufacture of oil-resistant rubber products. Referred to as NBR, a synthetic rubber produced by the copolymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile, is a synthetic rubber with good oil resistance and aging resistance. Widely used in the production of a variety of oil-resistant rubber products, a variety of oil-resistant gaskets, gaskets, bushings, flexible packaging, soft hose, printing and dyeing roller, cable rubber materials, etc., in the automotive, aviation, petroleum, copying and other industries to become an essential elastic material.

Rubber molecules contain fluorine atoms, fluorine atoms and carbon atoms composed of C-F performance is very high, and fluorine atoms have a great adsorption effect, so that the C-C bond performance in the fluorocarbon molecular chain is enhanced, and with the increase of its fluorination degree, fluorine atoms can be better C-C primary bond to ensure the chemical inerty of C-C bond. This special molecular structure, so that fluorine rubber has excellent heat resistance, drug resistance, solvent resistance, fluorination resistance, vacuum resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other special properties.

Based on the above explanation of the two materials, we know that nitrile rubber has a higher density than fluorine rubber, so in the same case, fluorine rubber O-rings are heavier than nitrile O-rings.

In addition, the use of combustion method is also a good way to distinguish between the two, burning two materials at the same time, burning a nitrile O-ring will ignite, and fluorine glue is just smoke will not burn.


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