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The advantages and uses of EPDM rubber

It has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance because it is a polymerization of propylene and ethylene. When the ozone concentration is 100*10-8 (pphm), there is no cracking in 2430 hours, and the outdoor life can reach more than 25 years. In the water vapor of 160 ° C, ethylene propylene rubber also shows excellent performance than other general purpose rubber, it also has good resilience, insulation properties and low temperature resistance. EPDM is suitable for glycol based brake fluid, hot water and water vapor, silicone oil and silicone grease, animal and plant oils, most organic or inorganic acids, cleaning agents, soap and potassium containing alkaline environment, most polar solvents (keones, alcohol), phosphate ester hydraulic oil, and refrigerant R134a+PAG system, good resistance to chlorine water and chlorine ammonia. It can also be used in acetic acid environments below 3%-5%, but it is not suitable for mineral oils and fats and aromatic and olefinic solvents. The disadvantages of EPDM rubber O-ring are slow vulcanization, can not be co-vulcanized with diene rubber, poor self-viscosity and mutual viscosity, poor air tightness.


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