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Installation and removal of mechanical seals

Installation of mechanical seals

The installation of mechanical seals must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, any installation deviation will lead to the system working disorder, generally speaking, the installation error of the gland can not exceed 0.05 mm, the gap error between the gland and the shaft or shaft jacket is not more than 0.01 mm, otherwise it will make the seal is not tight.

The spring compression of the mechanical seal must meet the installation regulations, and the situation can not be exceeded or short, and the error is required to be within 2 mm. If the spring of the mechanical seal is too long, it will increase the friction and cause wear, and if the spring is too short, it will cause insufficient specific pressure and make the seal fail.

Removal of mechanical seals

The disassembly of mechanical seals should be careful, and rough means such as hammer tapping are not allowed to be used, so as not to damage the sealing components. The removal of the mechanical seal can be done by using hooks to pull out the seal through the drive seat notch. If there is dirt on the seal device, it should be cleaned and maintained before the next step of removal.

If the mechanical seals are used at both ends of the pump body, they should take care of each other during disassembly and assembly.

If the mechanical seal is loose after the operation of the gland, it is necessary to replace the dynamic and static ring parts as soon as possible, and cannot be re-tightened, otherwise the motion trajectory will change due to friction, resulting in the destruction of the seals on the contact surface.


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