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A few details to prevent seal failure

The motion speed of the equipment has a great impact on the sealing ring, when the motion speed is very low, it is necessary to consider how to maintain the smoothness of the equipment in operation, when the motion speed is very high, the oil film that plays the lubricating role in the equipment may be destroyed, and the oil seal is not well lubricated and friction heating, resulting in greatly reduced life.

At low temperatures, the elasticity of the polyurethane or rubber seal is reduced, resulting in leakage and may make the entire range of the seal fragile. However, the high temperature will make the volume of the oil seal expand and soften, resulting in a rapid increase in the friction resistance of the oil seal and a decrease in the pressure resistance.

The working pressure is also a great requirement, and the oil seal with low friction performance and small starting resistance must be selected for low working pressure. When the working pressure is high, it is necessary to pay attention to the deformation of the oil seal, and the anti-extrusion stop ring is required. Also, different materials of oil seals have different optimal working pressure ranges.

The working medium must be selected strictly according to the opinions of the manufacturer, but it is essential to keep the working medium clean. Aging or contamination of the oil will not only cause the components in the system to fail, accelerate the aging and friction of the oil seal, but also the dirt in it may scratch or embed the oil seal, making the seal fail. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the quality of the oil and its cleanliness, and replace the oil filter or oil according to the maintenance specifications of the equipment. The air remaining in the oil in the cylinder will be compressed by high pressure, which will cause the oil seal to burn out or even carbonize. In order to avoid this situation, exhaust treatment should be carried out at the initial operation of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder should also run at low pressure and slow speed for a few minutes to confirm that the residual air in the oil has been drained before it can work normally.



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