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Four reasons for rubber seal failure

The rubber sealing ring is widely used in the sealing field because of its superior elasticity and compressive performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the medium. It is precisely because it is widely used, so the scenarios it is used in and the environment it is used in have diversity and uncertainty, which are important reasons for the failure of rubber seals.


Each material and product has its own safe load, and the rubber seal is no exception, and it is easy to break under such overload.

Material aging

Many times material aging is also an important reason for fracture, each material has its own life, long-term use of aging beyond their own life will break; The aging of the product will become hard and brittle, and then the stress concentration on the gap will cause fracture, so the rubber seal ring on the mechanical product needs to be replaced in time before the aging fracture to avoid safety accidents due to the fracture of the rubber ring.

Seal quality

The production quality of seals is closely related to the reliability of the final product. Common problems are: unstable quality of raw materials, wrong raw materials in rubber mixing, improper storage of raw materials or rubber mixing (cross-contamination), uneven mixing of rubber, vulcanization conditions (temperature, time, pressure, etc.), improper preservation of sealing products, improper use of molds, etc. These problems often involve quality control in the production process.

Design error

Design errors are usually caused by insufficient knowledge of the product by the designer. For example, the pressure of the seal is not estimated enough, the understanding of the contact stress distribution on the sealing surface is wrong, and the groove design of the seal is unreasonable.


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