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Knowledge required for perflurane seals

O-ring sealing ring is referred to as O-ring, which is a rubber ring with a circular cross-section shape. The O-ring is the most widely used seal in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. O-ring has good sealing performance, can be used for static sealing, can also be used for dynamic sealing; Not only can be used alone, but also is the basic component of many combined sealing devices. It has a wide range of use, and if the material is selected properly, it can meet the requirements of various media and various motion conditions.

The sealing part of the O-ring is simple in structure, compact in installation and light in weight; It has a self-sealing effect, and often only one seal can complete the sealing effect. Good sealing performance, almost no leakage when used as a fixed seal, when used as a motion seal, only some leakage when the speed is higher; The motion friction resistance is very small, it can also adapt to the occasion of alternating pressure, the size and groove have been standardized, the cost is low, the product is easy to obtain, easy to use and purchase.

O-rings are widely used in a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, cylinder faces and flange faces. For the O-ring used in the process of movement, when the working pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa, such as one-way pressure, a stop ring is set on the other side of the O-ring under pressure direction; If the pressure is two-way, put a stop ring on each side of the O-ring. In order to reduce friction, a wedge ring can also be used. When the pressure liquid is applied from the left side, the right baffle is pushed up, and the left baffle does not contact the sealed surface, so the friction is reduced. In general, the use of a retaining ring will increase the friction of the sealing device, and the wedge retaining ring is very important to reduce this friction. For fixed O-rings, when the working pressure is greater than 32Mpa, it is also necessary to use a stop ring.


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