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How to reduce or avoid O-ring distortion?

Under normal use, the O-ring generally does not distort or roll under reciprocating motion, because the contact area between the rubber O-ring and the groove is greater than the friction contact area on the sliding surface, and the resistance of the rubber O-ring itself is originally able to prevent distortion. However, in the case of improper use, it will easily cause distortion leading to damage, and then cause leakage.

There are three main reasons for O-ring distortion

1, the piston, piston rod and cylinder clearance is not uniform;

2, O-ring section diameter is not uniform;

3, the O-ring is subjected to uneven friction

Here are some ways to reduce O-ring distortion:

1. Choose the right O-ring material, you can choose the material with low friction coefficient. Especially when used in high temperature or chemical corrosive environments, it is necessary to choose high temperature or corrosion resistant materials.

2. Increase the section thickness or radial thickness of the O-ring, use the appropriate pre-loading force, avoid strong impact or vibration, and reduce the deformation of the O-ring.

3. Ensure that the quality and amount of lubricating oil or grease is appropriate to avoid excessive distortion caused by dry friction or poor lubrication.

4. During the installation process, try to avoid the O-ring being stretched or stuck in the mounting hole, adhere to the corresponding installation position, and use the appropriate tools and methods for installation.

5. Do a good job of O-ring balance and symmetry, as far as possible to reduce its unilateral distortion in use.

6. Regularly check and replace O-rings with aging, hardening, damage, deformation and other problems to ensure good sealing effect and service life.


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