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How should chemical machinery choose the right O-ring

O-ring as a common sealing material, many equipment are useful, today we talk about chemical machinery and equipment how to choose the right O-ring.

1. First of all, chemical machinery and equipment are in contact with chemicals, we can not just choose one to use it, the common material O-ring has three types, polyurethane, rubber and CPU, because the rubber material is easy to react with many chemical substances, toughness and strength changes, and even direct adhesion, which is equal to waste. Therefore, chemical machinery we generally choose the other two materials of O-rings.

2. Secondly, we look at whether a parameter of the other two kinds of material O-ring meets our requirements, the high temperature working point of TPU is about 80 degrees, and the CPU is about 120 degrees, so the CPU is naturally more resistant to high temperature than the O-ring of TPU. The natural price is also higher than TPU, so we can choose according to our actual needs.

Finally, the choice of O-ring also depends on several other options, wear resistance if the contact surface is broken, whether it has the automatic filling function, the friction resistance of the O-ring, and the movement of the O-ring at the speed and different pressures.

3. In this way, we choose the right O-ring through the specific situation of chemical machinery.


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