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Why are fluororubber O-rings used more and more in the chemical industry?

In the production, processing, storage, transportation and sales links of traditional petrochemical and other industries, there are still drip, leakage and other problems, which seriously threaten production safety and do not meet the expectations of the healthy development of the national green economy. Therefore, the selection of appropriate sealing materials has become the primary task to solve the leakage problem. Fluorine rubber O-ring is more and more used by the chemical industry because of its excellent acid resistance and high temperature resistance.

In the current synthetic rubber, the sealing rubber with relatively good comprehensive performance is fluorine rubber. In the rubber material, fluorine rubber has outstanding heat resistance (200 ~ 250) and oil resistance and drug resistance, so in the high temperature environment where nitrile rubber and polyurethane rubber can not be used or special workpiece liquid (such as phosphate ester, etc.), fluorine rubber can be used as a sealing material. The processing performance of fluorine rubber is not easy to master, the price is high, about 20 times that of nitrile rubber, and the cold resistance and heat resistance are also poor. Recently, some companies have also developed fluorine rubber products with improved cold resistance and heat resistance.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of domestic fluororubbers: type 26 and type 23, type 26 fluororubbers is a kind of fluororubbers with better versatility, which can work for a long time at 250 ° C and can also work for a short time at 300 ° C.


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