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What are the hazards of frosting after the formation of fluorine rubber O-ring?

The phenomenon of frost spraying often appears after the formation of fluorine rubber O-rings, so what is the phenomenon of frost spraying? What's the harm?

Frost spraying refers to the phenomenal migration of liquid or solid rubber compound components from the interior to the surface. Common forms are "powder spraying", "oil spraying" and "wax spraying". "Dusting" is the deposition of rubber compound vulcanizers, accelerators, active agents, antioxidants, fillers and other ingredients on the surface of rubber powder (or vulcanized rubber) to form a frost-like layer; Spray wax is a surface deposition film of plastic wax additive compound. Rubber compounds are injected with softeners, lubricants, plasticizers and other liquid components deposited on the surface to form a layer of oil.

Spray not only affects the appearance of fluorine rubber O-ring quality, so that the surface of the product appears white, yellow, gray pot, blue. Sometimes bright with a dull surface. But it also affects the process properties and physical properties of vulcanized rubber rubber, plastic materials to reduce viscosity, not easy to shape and affect the bonding properties of rubber, fabric and metal frames of products. Frost spraying can also cause severe gum and coke product aging. If the main components of the spray are sulfur and accelerants, then the concentration and treatment of the curing agent near the surface of the stored large material can easily lead to charring, which will cause uneven curing during the surface layer and vulcanization.


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