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How to improve the anti-aging of rubber seals?

Rubber sealing ring is a kind of sealing product with good elasticity, in different media, small stress will produce large deformation, this deformation can provide contact pressure, make up for the leak gap, to achieve the purpose of sealing.

Rubber seals often appear in the process of aging failure, in addition to the use of conditions can not be changed, in the production design it is necessary to strengthen the anti-aging performance of rubber seals.

Under the condition of repeated deformation, the aging phenomenon of rubber sealing ring such as cracking, hardening, viscosity, pulverization, and tear strength reduction is called fatigue aging. Not only rubber seals, but also rubber products have a lot of fatigue and aging in actual use, such as mobile phone accessories and shock-proof rubber products.

Therefore, when designing rubber seals with good fatigue and anti-aging properties, formulas and processes should be designed from the aspects of rubber types, crosslinking agents and curing systems, fillers, anti-aging dosage forms, and processing technologies. The design of anti-aging agent system of rubber sealing ring is an effective way to improve the fatigue life of rubber. Its main function is the stability of the rubber seal in the fatigue state.


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