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Can silica gel belt smell lead to poisoning?

Silicone has a taste is normal, silicone is also called silicone gel, just finished production of silicone will have a certain taste.

This is due to the need to use vulcanizing agent when making silicone, vulcanizing agent can promote the molding of silicone, but this taste will evaporate within 72 hours, sometimes the air is not circulated, the silicone will also remain a certain taste, this is normal, generally placed in a ventilated place for about 24 hours, the taste will dissipate, or use hot water to boil, the taste will be eliminated.


The taste of silicone is not toxic, this is the taste produced by the vulcanization agent in the production process, generally the silicone is disinfected with boiled water, and then taken to the outdoor ventilation, and then cleaned with the breeze again can be used, so the taste of silicone can also be used with confidence. Some factories due to limited production costs, the production of silica gel when the use of curing agent is relatively times, so in the silica gel will leave a certain burnt smell, this is very normal, so after the purchase of silicone products, must be washed, disinfection, dry and then used, but if found clean, sterilized, and after a long time placed loose flavor, but the taste is still very bad, Then this product can not be used, this is probably not up to standard product.


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