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What are the common rubber products in life?

1. Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are one of the commonly used rubber products in our lives, which can be used for household cleaning, washing, laundry, kitchen, etc., and can also be used for medical personnel to perform surgical operations, laboratories and other occasions. Rubber gloves are characterized by water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and are an efficient hand protection tool.

2. Rubber shoes

Rubber shoes are a kind of shoes with waterproof, anti-slip, wear-resistant and other properties, suitable for rainy days, muddy roads and other environments. Rubber shoes are also necessary tools for some special jobs such as fishermen and painters, which can effectively prevent the feet from being damaged during work.

3. Rubber bands

Rubber bands are also a common rubber product, mainly used to seal, join or secure items in various situations. For example, the sealing belt we often use in parcel delivery is composed of rubber bands and nylon threads.

4. Sealing ring

The sealing ring refers to a ring part on the same surface of the mechanical moving parts, and its role is to strengthen the tightness of the connection and prevent the leakage of lubricating oil or other liquids. In life, sealing rings also have a wide range of applications, such as kitchen cabinet doors, toilet tanks, water pipes and so on.

5. glue sticks

Glue stick is a kind of rubber products used for bonding materials, which can be used for pasting ceramic tiles, wall putty, furniture repair, etc. When repairing some furniture, we need to use glue sticks for bonding. After bonding, the glue stick can also achieve the effect of firm and not easy to fall off. To sum up, rubber products have a wide range of applications in our lives, from gloves, shoes to rubber bands, seals, etc., are indispensable items in our lives.


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