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The basic process flow of rubber

1. Basic process flow

With the development of modern industry, there are many kinds of rubber products, such as rubber seals, silicone seals, fluorine rubber seals and so on. But the production process is basically the same. For raw rubber products, its production process mainly includes: raw material preparation → mixing → mixing → cutting → molding vulcanization → raw edge treatment → overhaul → packaging and shipping.

2. Preparation of raw materials

The main materials of rubber products are raw rubber and compound. Among them, raw rubber is the basic material, and the compounding agent is an auxiliary material added in order to improve some properties of rubber products. During the preparation of raw materials, the ingredients must be weighed accurately according to the recipe.

3. Close refining

In order to make the raw glue and the compounding agent can be evenly mixed with each other, it is necessary to process some materials, and this process is called mixing.

4. Mixing

In order to adapt to a variety of different conditions of use, obtain a variety of different properties, but also in order to improve the performance of rubber products and reduce costs, it is necessary to add different compounds in raw rubber. Mixing is a process of mixing the mixed raw glue and the compounding agent after mixing, and placing them in the rubber mixing machine, and making the compounding agent completely and evenly dispersed in the raw rubber through mechanical mixing.

 5. Cut the ingredients

 According to the weight and size of the product, cut into different sizes and weights of strip raw materials, to be formed vulcanization.

 6, molding vulcanization

 Put the cut strips of raw materials into the mold, and melt the raw materials into the mold through the high temperature of the forming machine.

 7. Raw edge treatment

 Separate the raw edge from the product, including manual plucking and mechanical cutting.

 8. Maintenance

 By manual, the appearance of the poor product selection, the appearance of poor mainly includes raw edge, dirty mold, immature, lack of materials, foaming and so on.

 9. Package and ship

 According to the different size, packaging different quantities shipped.


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