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What are the reasons for the degumming of nitrile skeleton oil seal?

The so-called degumming is that the nitrile rubber material and the skeleton material are separated from each other, and the two cannot be bonded. In the actual production process, rubber products manufacturers can find the reasons for degumming from the aspects of skeleton materials, adhesives, production process parameters, etc.

(1) Skeleton material: When the skeleton material is coated, there are grease substances that are not completely treated and clean on the surface of the skeleton material, which will cause the adhesive and the skeleton material to be unable to bond; Nitrile skeleton oil seal skeleton material coated with adhesive surface is polluted, sticky dust, release agent, oil and other substances will lead to adhesive and skeleton material can not be bonded. Inlet seal

(2) Adhesives: The role of adhesives in the skeleton oil seal is irreplaceable. Using expired adhesive 2LLYY55-SJ or unqualified adhesive, adhesive failure can cause the nitrile skeleton oil seal to degummy. During the production process, the surface coating or base coating is not dry, and the adhesive on the surface of the skeleton material is too thick, which will also lead to the NBR part and the skeleton material cannot be firmly bonded.

(3) Production process: When using nitrile rubber to produce skeleton oil seal, the skeleton material is too long in the high-temperature mold, and the sudden power failure will lead to the adhesive failure when the injection is not started after the mold is closed; One of the main reasons for the degumming of skeleton oil seal is that the mold sealing is not strict and the injection hole is too large in the process of skeleton material production. Therefore, rubber products manufacturers must strictly control the production process.

2. How to avoid the nitrile skeleton oil seal degumming

When using nitrile butadiene rubber to produce TTO skeleton oil seal, the whole production process needs to be carried out in a clean environment to avoid the degumination of skeleton oil seal caused by external impurities; According to the actual needs to choose the appropriate varieties of adhesives, select high-quality adhesive products; Design the mold, clean the mold in time, especially the injection hole and other important parts; Strict control of mold temperature, control the production process at any time; Effectively avoid degumming of nitrile skeleton oil seal in all aspects.

Nitrile skeleton oil seal is used to avoid lubricating oil penetration in the parts that need to be lubricated and in the output parts, where the skeleton material can play a significant role in the nitrile oil seal to ensure that the oil seal can maintain a certain shape and tension. Degumming is a common appearance defect in the production process of nitrile skeleton oil seal. There are many reasons for the degumming of skeleton oil seal. Rubber products manufacturers can choose the appropriate solution according to the reasons.


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