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What is open oil seal?

1, open oil seal definition

Open oil seal, also known as split oil seal, the traditional oil seal is the whole circle, which is very inconvenient when installing and disassembling, and needs to disassemble equipment and consume time. In order to replace a small oil seal, pay the labor, time, cost...... It goes without saying. The appearance of the open oil seal solves all the above problems in one move, there is no need to remove the equipment, replace the oil seal online, and the installation can be completed in three minutes. Easy and fast!

2, open oil seal components

The open oil seal is mainly composed of sealing body, reinforcing skeleton, self-tightening helical spring and positioning step.

The open oil seal is different from the traditional oil seal, not only in the appearance, here it is mentioned again its special design and advantages: a, the design of the positioning step, its greatest advantage is reflected in the installation of the positioning, will not be skewed will not grind the shaft, when disassembly with a tool can be selected, very simple! b, the design of the guide latch: The guide latch not only ensures the radial support of the oil seal, but also ensures the accurate bonding of the end face during online installation to ensure that the opening does not leak.

The sealing body is divided into the bottom, waist, cutting edge and sealing lip according to different parts.

The metal skeleton acts as a reinforcing steel bar inside the concrete member and allows the oil seal to maintain its shape and tension. Usually, in the free state of the skeleton oil seal, its inner diameter is smaller than the shaft diameter, that is, it has a certain "interference". O-ring

3. When the oil seal is loaded into the oil seal seat and shaft, the pressure of the oil seal cutting edge and the contraction force of the self-tightening spiral spring produce a certain radial tightening force on the shaft. After a period of operation, the pressure will rapidly decrease or even disappear. It prevents fluid leakage and intrusion from the contact surface between the outer surface of the oil seal and the inner surface of the cavity. In addition, when the oil seal is fixed in the chamber, the metal skeleton plays the role of maintaining the combining ability.

The sealing lip is a flexible elastomer designed to maintain a stable sealing effect under the influence of mechanical vibration and pressure changes of the sealing fluid, and to maintain a stable contact state between the lip and the shaft surface. The spring can increase the clamping force of the seal lip to the axis and play a role in maintaining the clamping force. The lip end is made into a wedge shape and presses the shaft surface at the end to seal the fluid. The dust-proof lip is a secondary lip that is not connected with the spring to prevent dust intrusion.


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