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Coaxial seals for seals

The structure and working principle of coaxial seals:

 The coaxial seal is a combination seal with low friction coefficient, high reliability and long service life. It consists of a sealing ring and an energizing ring, and is installed in a groove coaxial. The elasticity of the energizer ring is used to produce a certain holding force on the shaft when the sealing ring is installed and the pressure of the working medium is used to deform the energizer ring, so that the sealing ring is tightly pressed on the sealing surface to achieve sealing;

 Seal is an indispensable component of all hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, in the mining hydraulic support has also been widely used, so the hydraulic components of the hydraulic support, whether it is moving parts or fixed parts need to be equipped with seals, especially in the reciprocating movement of the control valve, the sealing performance requirements are higher to ensure the sealing performance of the hydraulic valve

For an ideal reciprocating seal, it should have the following characteristics: anti-extrusion, anti-adhesion, small friction coefficient, able to adapt to a certain range of rough surfaces in a wide temperature range, and have the advantages of high pressure resistance, small volume, long life, etc.

Therefore, in order to meet the various conditions of hydraulic equipment, this type of new seals have been developed, and this seal is called coaxial seals;

Once the coaxial seal was developed, it was quickly accepted by the market and has been widely used. It is widely used in aviation and hydraulic fields.


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