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What should you pay attention to in the packaging of seals?

1, the hydraulic seal handling process should be handled gently, to avoid being squeezed, thrown, impact, to prevent sun and rain during transportation. In storage and transportation, if it is necessary to stack, the stacking should not be too much, too heavy or too high to prevent damage to the lower packaging and the items in it. Polyurethane seals should always pay attention to avoid high temperature and humidity during the whole process from storage and packaging to transportation, and cannot be squeezed to avoid deformation of seals;

2, hydraulic seals before being put into use, should also be rechecked, especially on the working face to focus on inspection to ensure quality. If the temperature of the storage room used for temporary short-term storage is not normal temperature, the batch of seals should also be fully stored in the normal temperature space, so that the temperature is close to room temperature before use, otherwise it will affect the performance.

3, hydraulic seals should have identification marks.

Letters and numbers are usually used on the surface of the seal non-working surface, but must not affect the use of the seal. The mark should be eye-catching, clear and appropriate in size, and should not be marked on the hydraulic seal, and should be marked in detail on the packing box (box). The contents of the logo include: product name, specification and model, production and inspection batch number, trademark, etc.;

4, in principle, the same batch, the same specification of hydraulic seal products should be installed in a package.

The products that pass the inspection shall be clean, free of dirt, dust and oil. When packing, it is necessary to check the quality of the product at any time, check the model specifications, and prevent misloading or mixing unqualified products. When packing, it is necessary to protect the sealing lip, and it is not appropriate to bind or tie any part of the seal to prevent sharp objects from damaging the seal and the package. Commonly used packaging can be hard and thick cardboard boxes, cartons, paper bags and preparation bags, plastic bags, etc., packaging to be strong, firm, light, easy to move or storage and transportation. The packing box shall be enclosed with the product certificate and packing list of the sealing parts. After the packing is finished, check the specifications and quantity. When wrapping, it is not appropriate to exert too much force, nor to pack too loosely to prevent packaging deformation and loose packaging. The name, quantity and specifications of the goods contained shall be marked in a conspicuous place on the outer surface of the packing case. If the goods are to be shipped, the shipping box should indicate the departure and arrival of the goods;


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