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Comparison of polyurethane seals and nitrile seals

The performance of polyurethane seals is summarized as follows:

Heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, non-absorbent, easy and quick installation.

1, good oil resistance.

Polyurethane seals will not be corroded even in the face of fuel oil such as kerosene and gasoline or mechanical oil such as hydraulic oil, oil and lubricating oil;

2, long service life.

Under the same conditions, the service life of polyurethane seals is 50 times that of nitrile materials (the following table is a comparison of the performance of polyether polyurethane seals and nitrile rubber), it can be seen from the following table that polyether polyurethane seals have more advantages in wear resistance, strength and tear resistance.

3, sealing performance.

Polyurethane seals have good dust-proof effect; It is not easy to be invaded by external substances, prevent all interference from the outside world, even if the surface sticky oil foreign bodies can be scraped;

4, friction performance.

High wear resistance, strong extrusion resistance. Polyurethane seals can also move back and forth at a speed of 0.05m/s in a 10MPa pressure environment without lubrication;


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