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The difference between skeleton oil seal and non-skeleton oil seal

First, what is the skeleton oil seal

The shape of the skeleton oil seal is generally an O-ring seal, and the role of the skeleton oil seal is generally to isolate the parts that need lubrication in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak, which is usually used for the rotary shaft, which is a rotary shaft lip seal. The sealing ability of the oil seal depends on the thickness of the oil film on the sealing surface. If the thickness is too large, the oil seal will leak. If the thickness is too small, dry friction may occur, causing oil seal and shaft wear; There is no oil film between the seal lip and the shaft, which is easy to cause heat and wear.

Second, the difference between skeleton oil seals and non-skeleton oil seals

1, skeleton oil seal

Skeleton skeleton, refers to a certain hardness and support force, TTO skeleton oil seal is composed of a variety of materials, metal and non-metal, mainly used for rotating seal, the skeleton oil seal into the card slot, due to its own certain hardness and support force, can support the oil seal in the rotation of the shaft brought about by all directions of the force, including friction temperature rise and other factors, So it can be kept sealed for a long time. If the skeleton is too soft, it will affect the normal use and service life, and may seriously bring huge hidden dangers in production.

2, no skeleton oil seal

Generally used in large size, difficult installation, working conditions, skeletonless oil seal because it is assembled, need to be equipped with a gland, otherwise it will turn to seal failure with the shaft. The skeleton oil seal has been standardized and is generally used below the axle diameter of 300, while the skeleton oil seal has two forms of cloth oil seal and pure rubber oil seal.


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