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How to change the oil seal?

Oil seal is used to seal lubricating oil, so that it does not leak. The transmission parts that need lubrication can be isolated from the output parts so that the lubricating oil does not leak as much as possible. Through a simple introduction to it, we also understand, then we know what to pay attention to when replacing and keeping the oil seal?

First, matters that should be noted when oil sealed storage:

1. Do not open the oil seal when it is not needed;

2, the oil seal can not be placed in the place of long-term exposure to sunlight and soil pollution;

3, the oil seal can not be placed in a humid place or close to the heat source;

4, when opening the package, the oil seal is not allowed to hang wires or ropes;

5, do not allow oil seal deformation;

Second, matters needing attention when replacing the oil seal:

1. When disassembling the oil seal, the surface of the cavity and shaft should be avoided;

2, even if the appearance is good, can not use the old oil seal, must be replaced with a new oil seal;

3. When the surface of the shaft collides or rusts, it must be repaired;

4, when installing the new oil seal, please use the washer to avoid the original friction marks to prevent the old lip contact.


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