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What effect does stretching have on rubber O-rings?

Rubber O-rings are suitable for installation of equipment in various industries. Its main function is sealing, sealing performance is good, long service life. So do you know what effect the amount of tension of the rubber O-ring will have on it?

The elongation of the rubber o-ring will affect the service life of the rubber O-ring. In general, the actual inner diameter of the rubber o-ring is less than the bottom diameter of the piston groove. Therefore, the installation and use of rubber O-rings are in a tensile state, and the tensile amount is too small to cause fracture. When the tensile amount is too large, deformation occurs and the thickness of the section is uneven. Reasonable use of national standard rubber O-ring tensile amount, will reduce the variety of non-standard parts.

Excessive stretching of the rubber O-ring leads to an increase in internal pressure and a loss of elasticity, resulting in deformation. The rubber O-ring is usually sealed by the rebound caused by compression, and by constantly increasing its pressure, it is squeezed into its turbidity to produce shape changes, in order to make the rubber O-ring have a good sealing effect and extend the use. In terms of service life, the distance between the groove and the sealing part of the rubber o-ring must be properly maintained. When the distance is too large, the rubber O-ring will squeeze the gap under the action of oil pressure, resulting in damage and leakage.

By understanding the tensile effect of rubber O-rings, we know the influence of its tensile amount on rubber O-rings. We only try to avoid these phenomena in the process of use, in order to improve the service life of rubber O-rings and reduce our consumption costs.


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