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Comparison of EPDM and silicone rubber materials

EPDM (EPDM) rubber and silicone rubber materials can be used to make cold shrink sleeve and heat shrink sleeve, then what is the difference between these two materials?

1, the price: EPDM rubber material is cheaper than silicone rubber material.

2, processing: silicone rubber is better than EPDM.

3, temperature resistance: silicone rubber temperature grade is better, EPDM rubber temperature resistance of 150, silicone rubber temperature resistance of 200.

4, weather resistance: ethylene propylene rubber better weather resistance, rubber itself is environmentally friendly, but in a humid environment, ethylene propylene rubber is less likely to breed bacteria.

5, the shrinkage ratio of expansion: now the shrinkage ratio of silicone rubber cold shrink tube is higher than that of EPDM cold shrink tube.

6, the difference in combustion: when burning, silicone rubber will emit a bright fire, almost no smoke, no smell, the remaining white residue after burning. EPDM, there is no such phenomenon.

7. Tear and puncture strength: EPDM is better.

8, other aspects: ethylene propylene rubber ozone is good, high strength; High hardness and poor brittleness at low temperature; Silica gel has good elasticity and low temperature; Ozone in general, low strength!


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