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Sealing principle of O-ring

The sealing principle of the O-ring is mainly based on its own elastic deformation and extrusion.

Here are the details

1. When the O-ring is installed into the appropriate sealing groove, its section will be subjected to contact compression stress and produce elastic deformation, resulting in initial contact pressure on the sealing contact surface.

2. If there is no medium pressure or the pressure is very small, the O-ring relies on its own elastic force to achieve sealing.

3. When the pressure medium is filled into the cavity, under the action of the medium pressure, the O-ring will be further deformed to seal the gap, so as to achieve sealing.

This sealing principle enables the O-ring to achieve absolute sealing without leakage in the static seal. The O-ring is a bi-directional sealing element whose initial sealing capacity is determined by the initial radial or axial compression at the time of installation. Under the action of pressure, the shape of the O-ring is similar to that of a liquid with high surface tension, and the pressure can be transmitted equally in all directions. The O-ring seal is a self-sealing structure that allows for absolute leak-free sealing as long as initial pressure is present.



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