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The application and sealing principle of spring energized seal

spring energized seal is a special seal developed for applications with high temperature corrosion, difficult lubrication, and low friction. The combination of Teflon composites, advanced engineering plastics, and corrosion-resistant metal springs fully meets the increasingly demanding diversity needs of industry. Typical applications include:

1. Axial seal for loading and unloading arm rotary joint;

2. Seals for spray painting valves or other spray painting systems;

3. Vacuum pump seal;

4. Beverage, water, beer filling equipment (such as filling valves) and food industry seals;

5. Seals for automotive and aerospace industries, such as power steering machines;

6. Seals for metering equipment (low friction, long life);

7. Seals for other process equipment or pressure vessels.

Sealing principle

PTFE plate spring combined U-energized seal (spring energized seal) by the appropriate spring tension and system fluid pressure, the seal lip is pushed out and gently pressed against the sealed metal surface to form a very excellent seal effect.

Working limit:

Pressure: 700kg/cm2

Temperature: 200-300

Line speed: 20m/s

Medium used: oil, water, steam, air, solvent, medicine, food, acid and alkali, chemical solution


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