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Does the surface of rubber products need to be sprayed with handfeel oil?

    Hand oil is a coating material specially used to improve the surface touch of rubber products. It can not only increase the comfort of products, but also has good water resistance and anti-aging properties. Spray handle oil can effectively improve the appearance and touch of rubber products, while improving its service life.

   For different types of rubber products, the characteristics and precautions of spray feel oil are also different. For rubber products directly in contact with the skin, such as gloves, finger covers, etc., spraying feel oil is particularly important. These products need to have a good touch and comfort to increase the comfort of wearing. For some rubber products that are not in direct contact with the skin, such as automobile tires, rubber tubes, etc., although it is not necessary to directly spray the feel oil, in order to improve its water resistance and anti-aging properties, it is often necessary to use other coating materials for surface treatment.

    However, there are also some doubts and problems in rubber products surface spray feel oil. First of all, it is very important to choose the right coating material. These materials must be compatible with the material of the rubber product and will not cause rejection. Secondly, the technical requirements in the spraying process are also quite high. The thickness and uniformity of the coating will affect the final effect, thus affecting the quality and service life of the product.


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