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Do you know how a seal works

The sealing ring, as an indispensable part of the mechanical equipment, plays a key role in preventing the leakage of liquids, gases, dust and other substances in the mechanical device and external intrusion. Its working principle is based on a series of complex and exquisite physical and engineering principles to ensure the smooth operation of equipment, extend the service life, protect the environment and the safety of people. Below, we will delve into the principle of sealing rings and their important role in modern engineering.

The working principle of the seal ring:

Through its special construction and materials, the sealing ring achieves the creation of an effective closed isolation area in the mechanical device, thereby preventing the leakage or entry of fluid, gas or solid particles. Its working principle mainly includes the following aspects:

Deformation principle: The sealing ring is usually made of elastic materials, such as rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and so on. These materials can be deformed to a certain extent under the action of external pressure, filling and sealing the mechanical gap, thus achieving an effective seal. When the pressure disappears, the seal will return to its original state and maintain close contact.

Friction principle: The friction between the outer surface of the sealing ring and the inner surface of the mechanical equipment plays a key role in sealing. Through appropriate material selection and surface treatment, tight frictional contact can be achieved to prevent leakage of the medium. The sealing ring usually has a moderate coefficient of friction to maintain a stable sealing effect.

Interstitial principle: The design and installation of the sealing ring should take into account the size and shape of the mechanical gap. The sealing ring is usually placed in the sealing groove of the mechanical device to fill the gap and prevent liquid, gas or dust from penetrating through the gap. The correct interstitial design and sealing ring size selection are important factors to ensure the sealing effect.


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