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Common knowledge about O-rings

The O-ring section is basically a circular sealing ring, so it is called an O-ring or washer, which is mainly used to prevent internal fluid leakage and external foreign body intrusion of the mechanical device. It is a kind of extrusion sealing products, large output and wide range of use, so it is extremely popular.

O-rings can be used at will in static and dynamic conditions, as a motion seal, skills for reciprocating, swinging seals and can be used in rotary seal systems; Used as a fixed seal, can be used as a liner, for general pneumatic and hydraulic components in the most common sealing parts. At present, the actual use of O-rings variety specifications, from small to less than 1 cm to large to tens of meters, a total of tens of thousands of species.

Seal ring operating conditions:

Generally, the use temperature of the common O-ring is -60 to 260 degrees Celsius, the pressure can reach 25-40 mpa, the hydraulic deformation range is 15%-30%, and the reliable working time is more than 3000 hours.

The required resistance of sealing rings:

When used in static state, it is required to have aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, compression deformation resistance, creep resistance and cutting resistance, tear resistance. When used as a sports seal, in addition to the above properties, issues such as wear resistance and friction performance should be considered.

Material selection analysis of sealing ring:

Therefore, the O-ring requirements for rubber selection are very strict, must ensure good mechanical properties and a variety of other additional properties, used in pneumatic components, multi-selected nitrile butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber; The hydraulic sealing components are often nitrile butadiene rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, acrylic rubber, neoprene rubber and vinyl silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber and fluorine rubber.


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