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Water purifier sealing ring installation precautions

With the exposure of water pollution, people's health awareness has been improved, and water purifier products have gradually entered thousands of families. Because the water purifier is in the working state for a long time, the machine will inevitably fail. If a water purifier is bought home, the most common reason is leakage in the joint. Reason analysis, such as high water pressure, or whether the joint is well connected, poor sealing or aging of the seal ring.

Water purifier seal ring use precautions:

(1) Prevent overdue use. The use period of the rubber seal of the dynamic seal is generally 3000 ~ 5000h, and the new sealing ring should be replaced in time.

2) Avoid using old seals. When using the new sealing ring, it is also necessary to carefully check its surface quality to ensure that there are no holes, bumps, cracks and grooves and other defects and are sufficiently elastic before use.

(3) When replacing the sealing ring, it is necessary to strictly check the sealing ring groove, remove dirt, and polish the bottom of the groove.

(4) Can not be installed in the wrong direction and damage the lip. If there are more than 50μm bruises on the lip, it may cause significant oil leakage.

(5) Prevent forced installation. Can not be struck with a hammer, but to use a special tool to first press the seal into the seat hole, and then use a simple cylinder to protect the lip through the spline. Before installation, apply some lubricating oil on the lips to facilitate installation and prevent burns during initial operation, and pay attention to cleanliness.

(6) The size of the replacement sealing ring should be consistent. In strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions, the sealing ring of the same size should be selected, otherwise it can not ensure the tightness and other requirements


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