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Sealing ring automatic testing equipment

Most seals are made of rubber materials, usually in the form of sealing products, with good stability, elasticity and resilience, and will not corrode the contact surface. Seals can be widely used in many industries, such as hardware and plastics, sanitary ware, fire protection, toys and other industries. The appearance of the sealing ring can be detected by automatic detection equipment to detect impurities, bubbles, dents and other defects of the sealing ring. The defects such as burrs, perforations and cracks on the sealing ring will directly affect the tightness of the product, and these defects can be screened out by visual inspection equipment. In other words, the three indicators of the tensile strength, elongation and tearing of the sealing ring can directly determine the quality of the sealing ring.

Foreverseals has patented automated inspection equipment, 20-30,000 fatigue tests, to ensure that each product is worry-free sealing problems, so that you can use the rest assured, after-sales worry. Especially in chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to special media has a strong practical solution, has provided many customers with advanced and reasonable sealing solutions.


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