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Classification of water seal rings

Sealing ring waterproof ring is the use of silicone or rubber material made of O-ring, is a translucent ring products, with gray, light yellow and milky white and other colors, strong tensile strength, in the waterproof and sealed occasions used very much, its model also has many kinds of, then sealing ring waterproof ring characteristics and classification are what?

First, the sealing ring waterproof ring characteristics:

1, with good insulation, sealing, temperature adaptability and dielectric property, while temperature tolerance, can be used at high and low temperatures, and by the external environment interference is very little, is the ideal waterproof material.

2, anti-aging, long service life, can be up to 50 years, good design of material properties, hardness between 30 and 70, moderate price, if it is a relatively high weather resistance of the seal, the price will be higher.

3, has good resistance to neutral solvents, but also has cold and heat resistance characteristics, for ozone and oxide erosion also has a certain resistance.

Second, the classification of sealing ring waterproof ring:

1. According to physical properties, it can be divided into liquid silica gel and solid silica gel. Liquid silica gel for extrusion products; Solid silica gel is used in molded products.

2, according to the different properties of raw materials, can be divided into silicone and rubber, silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber, can be used almost forever at 150° without performance changes, can be used for 10,000 hours at 200°, can also be used for a period of time at 350°. Widely used in situations requiring heat resistance, hot water bottle sealing ring, pressure cooker ring heat resistant handle. The rubber sealing ring is used for installation on various mechanical equipment, at the specified temperature and pressure and in different liquids and gases, at rest or in motion.


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