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How to enhance the cold resistance of rubber seals

The working conditions of different products are different, the requirements for rubber seals are different, many products have certain requirements for temperature, of which cold resistance is a more common working condition, today Haisheng rubber will take you to understand how to enhance the cold resistance of rubber seals.

1. The cold resistance of rubber sealing ring mainly depends on the material of rubber, and the choice of raw materials with good cold resistance is the key to cold resistance.

2, the combination of rubber is a common method to adjust the cold resistance in the design of rubber formula, such as SBR and BR, NBR and NR, CO, ECO, can improve the cold resistance of rubber seals.

3, choose an appropriate and effective vulcanization system, rubber glass transition temperature than the traditional vulcanization system reduced by 7. Therefore, NR has the best cold resistance with SBR and DCP vulcanization, and the cold resistance decreases with Thiuram vulcanization, while the cold resistance is poor with sulfur/secondary sulfonamide accelerator.

4, with peroxide and radiation vulcanization, the cold resistance of the rubber seal is better than the effective vulcanization system and the traditional vulcanization system, because the volume expansion coefficient of peroxide vulcanization rubber is larger.


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