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Several reasons for poor sealing ring size

In the production of silicone products, sometimes the size is wrong, not big is small, far from meeting the requirements of each household, not only affecting the efficiency but also affecting the factory, so what is the reason that will cause the size of silicone products and the original difference?

1, silicone rubber mold reason: we all know that molded silicone rubber products are produced by mold molding, mold size, cavity, surface determine the size and surface of silicone rubber products. Therefore, the size of the mold is very critical and needs to be controlled at the source. Therefore, in the design of silicone rubber mold, it is necessary to reasonably consider factors such as shrinkage, demoulding, and convenient molding processing. Secondly, the accuracy of the mold processing needs to be controlled to prevent the mold size deviation caused by copper loss, processing is not in place and other reasons.

2. Stress

Resulting in poor silicone button load, resulting in poor size of silicone products.

Note: 1. When the molding pressure is too high, the size of the silicone products is too long; 2. When the pressure is too low, the size of the silicone products is small and the thickness is thick.

3, molding material weight

Silicon discharge too much rubber material, resulting in silica gel products bubble (bag wind), silica gel button load is high and bad, resulting in the size of silica gel products is too large

Note: The weight of the discharge material is too light, resulting in the size of the silicone products after molding is small.

4, silicone rubber products molding reasons: in the mold molding molding conditions of silicone rubber products is very critical, we need to set different molding conditions according to different silicone products, this requires professional skills and standard standardized operation guidance process to operate, can not be set at will. Temperature and pressure will affect the size of silicone rubber products.

5, mold temperature

When the molding temperature is too high, it will accelerate the vulcanization of the silicone products, resulting in the decline of the flow performance of the silicone products in the molding mold, resulting in the size of the silicone products is smaller and the thickness is thicker.

Note: When the molding temperature is too low, the size of the silicone products after molding is too large and the thickness is too thin.

The poor size of silicone products belongs to poor functionality, different from the poor appearance of silicone products, the size of silicone products will face scrapping treatment once abnormal, and there is almost no possibility of repair. Therefore, in the production process of silicone products, special attention needs to be paid to the control of abnormal size. Only when the cause is found, the problem will naturally be solved


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