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The frame oil seal is processed and formed

Skeleton oil seal processing molding (1) Metal skeleton surface treatment under normal circumstances, with 20. Steel for the metal frame. In special cases, titanium alloy. (2) The selection of adhesives The selection of adhesives that are bonded between metal and fluorine rubber is extremely important, and the general adhesives are not easy to stick or stick poorly. Fluororubber adhesive, silane compound, non-toxic, convenient construction, bonding strength greater than 3MPa, up to 7MPa. (3) The fluorine rubber material should be heated before being prepared for molding. The roll distance of the smelting machine is less than 0.5mm, the fluorine rubber material is thinly passed 15 to 20 times, and then the roll distance is adjusted according to the required thickness. It is better to use up the rubber material on duty after hot refining. 4) Molding vulcanization is carried out in flat plate vulcanization lJtdz. Vulcanization temperature (175±3); Vulcanization pressure greater than 16MPa; Vulcanization time is 15min, such as the maximum thickness of the section of the part is more than 6mm, the vulcanization time is extended by 5min for each increase of 2mm. When pressing parts embedded with metal parts, the curing time can be appropriately increased according to the curing condition of the adhesive or surface treatment agent used.


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