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Cleaning and inspection requirements for mechanical seals

After the equipment is used for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned and checked regularly, so the mechanical seal is no exception. In this regard, in order to ensure the accuracy of the operation, the operation requirements are introduced next.

1, the working principle of the seal requires that there is no impurity inside the seal. Before assembling the seals, it is necessary to completely clean the moving ring, static ring, shaft sleeve and other parts.

2, check the dynamic ring appearance is not there are scratches, cracks and other shortcomings, these shortcomings will form a severe leakage of seals. Special tools can be used to check whether the sealing surface is flat, the sealing surface is not flat, and the pressure water will enter the dynamic ring sealing surface of the seal after assembly, separating the dynamic ring, and the seal will fail. If necessary, the tooling can be manufactured for hydraulic test before assembly.

3, check whether the dynamic ring seat is affected by the shortcomings of sealing. Such as dynamic ring seat and dynamic ring sealing ring with the appearance is not there are shortcomings.

4. Check whether the mechanical seal compensating spring is damaged and deformed, and whether the tenacious coefficient is changed.

5, check whether there are burrs, grooves and other shortcomings of the sealing sleeve.

6, clean and check all sealing rubber ring is there cracks, pores and other shortcomings, measuring the diameter of the rubber ring is not in the range of public service.

7, the seal with the pumping organization should also check whether the helix of the screw pump has cracks, broken lines and other shortcomings.

The above is the cleaning and inspection requirements of the mechanical seal, according to the introduction of the operation, can greatly reduce the occurrence of operating errors, so as to effectively ensure the operation and service life of the equipment.


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