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The main factors causing oil seal leakage

Oil seal seal is not tight is the main factor causing oil leakage. When the shaft is worn and grooves are formed, it can not be sealed even if the new oil seal is replaced, because the contact pressure between the oil seal lip and the shaft drops, resulting in too small interference between the oil seal lip diameter and the shaft diameter after installation.

Taking the crankshaft oil seal of S195 diesel engine as an example, the main reasons for its weak seal are as follows:

The oil seal manufacturing quality is poor;

Shaft or bearing quality is poor;

Improper use and maintenance;

Improper installation;

Improper storage and adverse effects caused by environmental pollution [4].

Oil seal seal is not tight and oil leakage countermeasures

1, master and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products, choose high quality, standard oil seal.

2, installation, if the outer surface roughness of the shaft diameter is low or there are rust, rust, burr and other defects, to use fine abrasive cloth or oil stone polishing smooth; Apply cleaning oil or lubricating grease to the lip of the oil seal or the corresponding position of the shaft diameter. The outer ring of the oil seal is coated with sealant, and the key slot on the shaft is wrapped with stiff paper to avoid scratching the lip of the oil seal. The oil seal is rotated inward and pressed into it with special tools. Do not smash hard and punch hard to prevent the oil seal from deforming or breaking the spring and failing; If there is lip flanging, spring off and oil seal skew, it must be removed and reloaded. It should be noted that: when the shaft diameter is not worn and the oil seal spring is sufficiently elastic, do not tighten the inner spring without authorization [4].

3, applied to the mechanical oil seal general working conditions are harsh, the environmental temperature difference is large, dust, vibration frequently so that the mechanical parts of the stress situation is constantly changing, to check, maintenance and maintenance.

4, such as axle diameter and bearing wear serious; Oil seal rubber aging or spring failure, etc., should be repaired and replaced in time.

5, abnormal heating parts or assemblies should be timely troubleshooting; Avoid mechanical overspeed and overload operation to prevent oil seal lip temperature rise, rubber aging, early lip wear and so on.

6, to often check the oil level, if the oil impurities are too much, there are alloy powder, metal iron filings to completely replace the new oil. The brand and quality of the oil change should meet the requirements of the season. It is recommended to add Metre Super sealer & Lubricant to the oil, it is an excellent gearbox additive, can form an inert material film on the components, it can slow the leakage of the oil seal, extend the service life of the oil seal gear, but also reduce the noise of the gearbox, the use of this Metre super seal lubricant will not cause pollution or deterioration of the oil.

Usage guide:

When the lubricating oil volume of the reducer is less than 7 liters, the additive amount of lubricating oil per liter is 2030ml;

At 715 l, add 1520ml per l of lubricating oil;

When >15 liters, add 10ml per liter of lubricating oil;

7. The oil seal that is not used temporarily should be kept properly to prevent oil, dust or sun exposure.

8, when the shaft diameter is worn into a "V" shape groove, so that the new oil seal lip and shaft contact pressure drop can not play the role of sealing oil, the method of displacement can be used to make up


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