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What are the advantages of high quality rubber O-rings

Rubber O-rings are widely used and popular. The main reason is that rubber O-rings can act on dynamic and static seals, and can also be used with other sealing devices. In daily life, almost all mainstream rubber materials can be used to make O-rings, and rubber o-rings do not seem to have much technical content in the production process. In fact, the production of high quality rubber O-rings requires many factors

What are the advantages of high quality rubber O-rings?

(1) From the appearance of high-quality rubber O-rings, the feel is very smooth and the surface is not uneven, the neat tear edge is not burr, the outer surface is not a scratch, the overall appearance is neat and shiny, and the shape is rounded.

(2) We need to know how to determine the quality of the product, determine whether the rubber O-ring has high quality, the product needs to be elastic and able to resist deformation, which are the two main standards. Because the rubber O-ring is a typical extrusion seal, if the lack of good resilience and deformation will greatly reduce the sealing performance

(3) In terms of the quality of rubber O-rings, in order to attract customers to buy and improve the production quality of rubber O-rings, more and more sealing companies have chosen to introduce some foreign equipment and use some imported raw materials to manufacture and produce, so many rubber O-rings products are now scented after production. Compared with the previous pungent smell, the current rubber O-rings produced by rubber and plastic are more popular with customers.


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