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500 high temperature and high pressure sealing ring common material

For static sealing, you can choose metal material, 321 stainless steel temperature 370, 718 alloy temperature 650, if plating or cladding nickel temperature up to 870.

For dynamic sealing, then you can not choose metal, you can choose perfluorinated rubber (FFKM), instant maximum temperature up to 327; Fluorine rubber FKM temperature resistance 250.

High temperature sealing ring is generally used: carbon fiber filled with polytetrafluoroethylene polymer chemical material, temperature resistance :265, can be used for 2113 dynamic seal. If used for static sealing, then use flexible graphite clip metal, temperature resistance :650.

Silicone rubber sealing ring: has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance. It has good insulation properties. However, the tensile strength is worse than that of general rubber and does not have oil resistance. Suitable for household appliances such as electric water heater, electric iron, microwave oven, etc.

It is also suitable for all kinds of supplies that are in contact with the human body, such as kettles, drinking fountains, etc. It is not recommended for use in most concentrated solvents, oils, and concentrated acid sodium hydroxide. The general use temperature range is -55~ 250

Acrylic rubber 5261 rubber seal ring: excellent resistance to oil, high temperature resistance, weather resistance are good, but the strength, compression deformation rate and water resistance is slightly poor. Generally used in 4102 automobile transmission system and power steering system. Not suitable for hot water, brake fluid, phosphate ester. The operating temperature range is -25 to 170 °C.


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