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The difference between spring energized seal and skeleton oil seal

The main differences between spring energized seal and skeleton oil seal are structure, use, performance and application scenario.

Different structures:

The structure of the spring energized seal is mainly made of rubber materials, including flooding rings, bellows, springs, sealing rings, support rings, etc., and sometimes contains seals made of Teflon material with special springs inside.

The structure of skeleton oil seal is mainly composed of metal skeleton, rubber seal ring and grease lubricant.

Different uses:

spring energized seal is suitable for small and medium-sized applications requiring high precision and strong sealing, such as power plants, ships, petrochemical and other heavy machinery and equipment, as well as high-temperature corrosion fluid applications.

The skeleton oil seal is often used for the sealing work of general mechanical equipment, such as bearings, gear boxes, hydraulic cylinders, etc.

Performance is different:

spring energized seal has the advantages of good sealing, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, long service life, but the cost is higher.

The advantages of the skeleton oil seal are strong sealing performance, wide application range, low cost and long life, but it needs to be filled with lubricating oil to ensure its normal work and requires frequent maintenance.

Different application scenarios:

spring energized seal is suitable for shaft parts that rotate and swing at high speeds, or are used in harsh environments.

Skeleton oil seal is suitable for low speed, low pressure, low temperature, dry sealing environment;


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