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What are the advantages of ED rings compared with O-rings?

The ED ring is an elastomer seal used as an axial static seal, applied to threaded oil and screw ends, and the cross section remains almost constant under high pressure. Compared with the general O-ring, its advantages are:

The mechanical deformation of the section is small, there is no relative movement during the pressure cycle, and excellent sealing performance is maintained for a long time. The working pressure can reach 60Mpa.

ED ring advantages:

High temperature resistance, oil resistance, drug resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging, chemical solvent resistance, with smoldering, excellent air tightness, chemical resistance. Suitable for weak acid and weak base.

ED ring disadvantages:

Not resistant to ketones, lipids, nitrates;

Fluorine rubber oil resistant imported ED ring spot is Japan Daikin, DuPont needs to order. The price with fine requirements for the run-in line will be 30% higher;

Our company only do high-end imported goods, F-type fluorine glue glue content 67%-69%;

ED ring temperature: limit -40~240commonly used -20~220;

ED ring hardness: range A50-90 degrees commonly used 75 degrees;

ED ring color: brown, black, minor green (performance is the same).


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