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Explosion-proof inlet star ring for vacuum

Vacuum explosion-proof inlet star ring Overview:

Explosion-proof inlet star ring for vacuum has very important applications in vacuum appliances and aerospace. This kind of sealing ring has a simple structure and is not expensive, but if it is selected or used improperly, especially in aerospace applications, the loss will be very, very large. In a vacuum seal, the sealing medium is a gas, and the pressure is generally relatively small, usually less than 1 standard atmospheric pressure; Compared with the liquid direction, it is easy to leak from the gap of the contact surface, so pay great attention to the surface roughness of the contact part. And to choose a material with low permeability and low compression deformation, the general fluorine rubber FKM(VITON) is better than nitrile rubber NBR.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose explosion-proof inlet star ring for vacuum seal. In addition, in the design and use, should pay attention to the following points:

1/ In order to reduce the chance of leakage, try to use vacuum grease together;

2/ In order to increase the contact area and extend the diffusion time through the seal, the space for installing the groove should be filled by almost 100% of the volume after deformation of the O-ring;

3/ Compared with the hydraulic static seal, the surface roughness of the installation trench of the vacuum seal is more stringent, and the percentage of the contact range is greater than 50%;

The cross-section compression deformation of the 4/ O-ring is about 30%


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