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Can the O-ring be repaired after breaking?

O Can the seal be repaired after breaking? This is OK, but we must first remove the gap area, grasp the gap is more and more shiny, but also remove unnecessary dust. Remove the sediment, and then use the welding rod with good plastic deformation to do the inner overlap, and then trim into spray welding, if the crack is relatively large, then must use the butt layer.

During the entire welding process, a short arc can be used, which can reduce the harm of the heat value to the O-ring. Heat must be applied before spray welding. After welding, the temperature cannot be cooled immediately. It should be cooled slowly until cool and then allowed to form.

Type O sealing ring in the whole repair welding process, professional welding tools should be used, welding nozzle and protruding surface should be vertical or empty at a certain Angle, welding machine wire feed should be uniform.

As a commonly used hydraulic seal, there are more and more types of O-ring rings, and the difficulty factor of customer selection is getting higher and higher. In order to better ensure good sealing under the premise of application, these levels are very important!

First, the large household must be connected to its constant elongation stress. Tensile strength. Tear deformation. The basic parameters such as elongation, especially its tensile strength, are very critical, when the O-ring is stretched under the premise of stretching, it continues to stretch until the rupture position, which can bear the tensile stress.

Several basic parameters are also important. In short, the tensile rate refers to the proportion of product deformation when the O-ring is subjected to tensile stress, and the proportion between the tensile amount and the original length. Fixed tensile stress refers to the stress that should be achieved at the tensile length.

At present, many O-rings are made of rubber. Therefore, under the premise of selecting O-type sealing rings, the strength of rubber must also be considered. Strength indicates that the rubber has a professional ability to resist external working pressure. In general, the greater the strength of the rubber, the better the tensile strength of the O-ring, the better the wear resistance, but not easy to cold resistance, so the strength of the O-ring must be selected according to the application.

In addition, the reduction characteristics of the O-ring must also be considered, because the O-ring often must be in a reduced state under the premise of use. Because the rubber itself has a certain viscoelasticity, the reduced stress will become more and more relaxed. Once the working pressure is eliminated, it basically cannot respond to the original characteristics, which will jeopardize the actual effect of the seal.

As we all know, the tightness and scope of application of O-ring have a lot to do with its raw materials. Therefore, under the premise of selecting O-type sealing rings, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

(1)O sealing ring should have good ductility and elasticity

(2) It should have a certain fracture toughness, such as expanding the tensile strength. Tensile strength, etc

(3) It has stable characteristics and is not easy to produce solubilization in different substances

(4)O sealing ring specification high precision

(5) not easy to cause corrosion to the surface, not easy to pollute substances.


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