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What do you know about the role of skeleton oil seal?

The role of the skeleton oil seal is generally to isolate the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak, which is usually used for the rotary shaft, and is a rotary shaft lip seal. The skeleton is like the steel bar inside the concrete member, which acts as a reinforcement and allows the oil seal to maintain its shape and tension. According to the type of skeleton, it can be divided into inner skeleton oil seal, outer skeleton oil seal and inner and outer skeleton oil seal. The skeleton oil seal is made of high quality nitrile butadiene rubber and steel plate with stable quality and long service life. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle crankshaft, camshaft, differential, shock absorber, engine, axle, front and rear wheels and other parts.


1, to prevent sediment, dust, water and other from outside into the bearing;


2. Limit the leakage of lubricating oil in bearings. The requirements for the oil seal are that the size (inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness) should meet the requirements; It is required to have appropriate elasticity, which can properly jam the shaft and play a sealing role; To heat, wear, good strength, resistance to media (oil or water, etc.), long service life.


Rational use of oil seal, should pay attention to the following points:


(1) Shaft speed Due to design and structural reasons, high speed shaft should use high-speed oil seal, low speed shaft use low-speed oil seal, can not be used for high-speed shaft low-speed oil seal, and vice versa.


(2) Ambient temperature In the case of high use temperature, polypropylene ester or silicon, fluorine, silicone fluorine rubber should be selected. And try to reduce the oil temperature in the tank. In the case of too low temperature, cold resistant rubber should be used.


(3) The pressure of the general oil seal is poor in pressure, and the oil seal will be deformed when the pressure is too large. Under excessive pressure conditions, pressure bearing rings or strengthened pressure oil seals should be used.


(4) The degree of eccentricity on the installation of the oil seal and the shaft when the eccentricity is too large, the sealing will become worse, especially when the shaft speed is high. If the eccentricity is too large, the oil seal with "W" shape section can be used.


(5) The surface finish of the shaft directly affects the service life of the oil seal, that is, the finish of the shaft is high, the service life of the oil seal will be long.


(6) Pay attention to the lip of the oil seal should have a certain amount of lubricating oil.


(7) Pay special attention to prevent dust from dipping into the oil seal.




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