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What is the difference between fluoro rubber and nitrile rubber?

Fluorine rubber and nitrile rubber have significant differences in physical properties, oil and temperature resistance, application field, price and so on. The following is a detailed introduction of the two types of rubber:

Physical properties. Fluorine rubber is a kind of high performance rubber material, which has excellent wear resistance, compression deformation resistance, crack resistance and strong agent resistance. Nitrile butadiene rubber is an elastomer material with good wear resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, as well as excellent physical and mechanical properties and processing properties.

Oil and temperature resistance. Fluororubber has excellent oil resistance and temperature resistance, and can be used in the temperature range of -20 ° C to +200 ° C; The oil resistance and temperature resistance of nitrile rubber are slightly less, and the maximum use temperature is 100℃.

Field of application. Fluorine rubber is widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, medical, semiconductor and other fields because of its excellent resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion. Nitrile rubber is widely used in automotive, aerospace, petroleum exploitation, petrochemical, textile, wire and cable, printing and food packaging and other fields because of its good oil resistance, wear resistance and durability.

The price. Fluorine rubber because of its excellent comprehensive performance, the price is relatively high; Nitrile rubber is relatively low in price because of its high cost performance.


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