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Mechanical seal and rubber for vacuum

In the field of vacuum technology, mechanical seals and rubber materials play an irreplaceable role as key components. They not only play a vital role in maintaining the stability of the vacuum environment, but also directly affect the performance and service life of vacuum equipment.

First, the structure and function of vacuum mechanical seal

The mechanical seal for vacuum usually adopts the structural design of static and dynamic ring combination, and realizes the sealing effect through mechanical action such as precision fit and spring force. Among them, the dynamic ring rotates with the rotating axis, and the static ring is fixed on the equipment housing. When the two contact, the formation of a tight sealing interface, effectively prevent the leakage of gas or liquid.

The key to mechanical sealing lies in its high-precision processing and assembly technology. The contact surface of the dynamic and static rings needs to achieve extremely high finish and mating accuracy to ensure that good sealing performance can be maintained under harsh conditions such as high-speed rotation and high temperature and pressure. In addition, the choice of sealing materials is also crucial, and needs to have excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Second, the application of rubber in vacuum seal

Rubber material plays an important role in vacuum sealing. Due to its good elasticity and sealing performance, rubber seals are often used in various interfaces and connection parts of vacuum equipment. By combining with other sealing elements, the rubber seal can effectively prevent the leakage of gas or liquid and ensure the stability of the vacuum environment.

In a vacuum environment, rubber materials need to have good vacuum stability and aging resistance. Therefore, when selecting rubber materials, it is necessary to fully consider its vacuum resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. At the same time, the design and manufacture of rubber seals also need to meet the special requirements of vacuum equipment to ensure its long-term stable sealing effect.

Third, the synergistic effect of vacuum mechanical seal and rubber

In vacuum equipment, mechanical seals and rubber seals often work together to maintain the stability of the vacuum environment. Mechanical seal through its high-precision structure and material selection, to achieve the main sealing function; The rubber sealing ring complements and enhances the mechanical seal through its good elasticity and sealing performance. The two cooperate with each other to ensure the normal operation of vacuum equipment.

In addition, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous emergence of new materials and technologies also provides a broad space for the development of vacuum mechanical seals and rubber. For example, the application of advanced technologies such as nanotechnology and composite materials can further improve the performance and service life of mechanical seals and rubber; The development of intelligent, automation and other technologies can also provide more convenient and efficient solutions for the maintenance and management of vacuum equipment.


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