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Silicone skeleton oil seal: Excellent sealing performance

Silicone skeleton oil seal plays a vital role in the industrial field, it has excellent sealing performance and high temperature resistance characteristics, suitable for a variety of harsh working conditions.

This article will introduce the application conditions of silicone skeleton oil seal in detail to help readers better understand its performance in different environments.

1. High temperature environment

Silicone skeleton oil seal is a kind of sealing material that can operate stably in high temperature environment. Its silicone material has excellent high temperature resistance and can maintain a stable sealing effect under extreme temperature conditions. This makes the silicone skeleton oil seal ideal for applications under high temperature conditions, such as in heat treatment equipment, stoves and other high temperature industrial equipment.

2. Corrosive media

Silicone skeleton oil seal has good resistance to corrosive media. Its silicone material can maintain its structural stability in the face of chemicals and corrosive liquids and is not susceptible to erosion. This makes the silicone skeleton oil seal excellent in equipment dealing with corrosive media, such as pumps, valves and other equipment in the chemical industry.

3 Rotate the equipment at high speed

The silicone skeleton oil seal is suitable for high-speed rotating equipment, such as engines, wind turbines, etc. Its design takes into account the friction and wear conditions during high-speed rotation, providing stable sealing performance and effectively reducing energy loss. This makes the silicone skeleton oil seal widely used in industrial equipment requiring high-speed rotation.

4. Equipment requiring long-term stable operation

Silicone skeleton oil seal has the advantages of long life and stability, suitable for equipment requiring long-term stable operation. Its wear resistance enables it to effectively maintain the sealing effect after a long time of use and extend the service life of the equipment. This makes the brick rubber skeleton oil seal widely used in some key equipment, such as the key transmission components on industrial production lines.


Silicone skeleton oil seal is outstanding in the industrial field with its excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for high-speed rotating equipment and long-term stable operation characteristics.

The choice of suitable sealing materials is crucial to the performance and life of the equipment, and the silicone skeleton oil seal is undoubtedly the ideal choice to meet these needs.


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