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Installation requirements for PTFE coated O-rings

Ptfe coated O-ring is made of the outer polytetrafluoroethylene coated rubber, both excellent corrosion resistance, anti-swelling, anti-gas permeability, compressibility and outstanding chemical resistance, basically suitable for all chemical media. These properties make the PTFE coated O-rings truly suitable for installation and use in harsh environments.

Installation requirements for PTFE coated O-rings:

1. The contact surface required to be installed or passed by the sealing ring is smooth, without grooves, sharp corners and burrs, the profile of the inner hole should reach 20 milliinches, and the profile of the shaft should reach 10 milliinches;

2, use clean light oil or grease to lubricate the surface of the sealing ring and the relevant parts of the contact surface;

3, when it is difficult to install the sealing ring on the shaft, the sealing ring can be soaked in hot water to expand it for easy installation. And after the sealing ring is heated and expanded, it can be restored to the original size under cooling;

4, can not be too drastic bending O-ring, otherwise it will cause the folding of the outer covering of tetrafluoroides and affect the normal use.


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