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Perflurane rubber performance index

Perflurane rubber (FFKM) is a high performance elastic sealing material with the following key performance indicators:

High temperature resistance. Perflurane rubber shows excellent stability and heat resistance at high temperatures, and its compression permanent deformation rate is still very low at high temperatures, and it can maintain its elasticity and resilience even at high temperatures of 327 ° C.

Chemical stability. Perflurane rubber has excellent resistance to most chemicals, including strong acids, strong bases, organic solvents, fuels, acids, bases, etc., and can withstand the corrosion of almost all chemical media.

Mechanical properties. Perflurane rubber has high elastic modulus and tensile strength, as well as good tensile resistance and plasticity.

Low temperature resistance. The low temperature resistance of perflurane rubber is also very good, the lowest use temperature can reach -40, and has the characteristics of high cleanliness and low precipitation.

Plasma resistance. In the plasma environment, perflurane rubber shows the product characteristics of high cleanliness and low precipitation, and can withstand the plasma impact for a long time.

Because of its excellent properties, perflurane rubber is widely used in semiconductor industry, chemical processing process, automotive industry, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic products, solvent equipment, nuclear industry, aerospace equipment and other harsh environments.


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