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Procedure for installing a Fabric rubber seal

1, sealing ring pretreatment

Before installing the Fabric rubber seal, pretreat the sealing ring to ensure that its surface is smooth and free of dirt or debris to ensure good sealing effect and service life.

2. Place Fabric rubber seal

Place the pre-treated Fabric rubber seal on the pipe or joint, noting the installation position and direction, ensuring that the contact surface of the seal ring is on the surface where the pipe and flange are connected, and that the circular seal ring is fully compressed.

3. Installation

Use a torque wrench or a manual wrench to tighten the bolts, and use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the bolts in sequence until resistance occurs. At this time, the cross-fastening method should be used, and each bolt should be tightened in a manner of 1/3 counterclockwise each time, and constantly check whether each fastening bolt is uniform.

4. Environmental inspection

After installing the Fabric rubber seal, check the environment. Check for leaks or breakage and ensure that the sealing operation is completed successfully.

4. Precautions

1. Before installing the Fabric rubber seal, ensure that the surface of the flange and pipe is clean, free of impurities and greasy.

2. Before tightening the bolts, squeeze out a small amount of sealant as needed and reinstall the Fabric rubber seal.

3, the Fabric rubber seal should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before disassembly and replacement to ensure the reliability and performance of the interface.


The Fabric rubber seal is a widely used sealing device whose installation procedure requires attention to several details. Before installation, pretreat the Fabric rubber seal, place it in place, and tighten the bolts with a torque wrench or a manual wrench. In order to ensure the service life and performance of Fabric rubber seal, we also need to pay attention to installation and use details such as environmental checks, thorough cleaning and inspection.


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